Maryland 2018 Natural Resources photo contest!

From now until August 31, 2018, the Department of Natural Resources will be accepting photos for their 15th Annual photo contest. Chosen photos will be published in the 2019 DNR calendar as well as published in the 2019 magazine.  There are different categories to enter your photos in. A $10 fee is charged for your first three photos.  Each additional photo after that costs $3 per photo.

For additional information, rules and how to submit, please visit the following link:

Ask Quality Deer Management Association!

Did you know that QDMA has a form on their website that you can use for all of your deer hunting, habitat or biology questions?  Or do you just want to know what QDMA does?   Complete the form with name, email address and question, click submit and one of QDMA’s experienced staff will respond.

Your very own deer expert at your fingertips and a great resource to all of us in the field!  Have a great season!

Link to Ask QDMA:

My view of a tree stand accident

September is tree stand safety and awareness month.  And throughout this month, I’ve read alot of articles extolling the virtues of using safety harnesses and lifelines while in the stand.  You’ve probably read the same ones; without a harness, you’ll fall, crack some bones, possibly lose your life, severe brain injuries and so forth.  And yet, despite all of those pleasant thoughts (yes, that’s sarcasm people) some hunters just don’t practice any type of safety protocol.  It’s a pain, the harness is uncomfortable, etc.  So WHAT will get hunters to start wearing harnesses?  Not sure if my story will help but I’d like to think it could.  This is a story about my husband and the accident he had-but told from my perspective, the wife, the caregiver, the family left to pick everything up.

It was early fall and my husband had left before dawn to hunt about a half hour from our house. I wasn’t sure of the spot, didn’t have the address and no one else knew he was going. Mistake #1.   The sun was up and it just our young daughter and me in the house; my sons were with my ex-husband.  I was having a bit of a lazy morning.  Really just some light cleaning and a trip to the grocery store were on my list. So while I showered, the bathroom door was open and my daughter played in the space between the bathroom and bedroom.  I heard the phone ring but wasn’t in any rush; if it was important I expected the person would leave a message. For whatever reason, my daughter answered the phone. Now she was 3 or 4 (I can’t remember!) and never expressed any interest in the phone. But that day she answered it.  She walked into the bathroom and said, “Mommy there’s a man on the phone.” I told her to tell him I would call him back.  She said, “No Mommy, there’s a man on the phone.” I never did find out what was said to her but it must have made an impression. So I turned off the shower and held out my wet hand for the phone.

Here’s the conversation:
Mrs. Herbert?
This is Chief ?? from the Anne Arundel County Fire dept.  (And I immediately think if they are selling those jellies the troopers sell I am hanging up)
Your husband has been involved in an accident this morning.  (What? I think. He can’t be in an accident, he’s hunting).
He fell from his tree stand. He is conscious, moving his extremities but we are transporting him to Shock Trauma in BaltimoreMy husband would later point out that the stand and strap broke but that’s another topic.

I went numb. Literally numb. I didn’t hear properly and experienced tunnel vision. I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back now I know those things happened.  I didn’t feel my fingers holding the phone. The whole conversation was so surreal.  I started to think whether or not they had the right person.  I can’t be MY John! But then I heard people talking and I heard John’s voice through the phone. They were loading him onto the ambulance to take him to a parking lot to meet up with the helicopter that was to fly him to Shock Trauma.  How can THAT be happening while our daughter is happily playing on the floor?  How?

“Mrs. Herbert, do you have someone that can drive you to Shock Trauma? Because we don’t want you driving yourself.” I answer yes. It was a total lie. He asks me again, probably hearing the lie in my words. No, no I insist, someone can take me.  I get the particular details, the ambulance, the flight to Shock Trauma, etc.  I have no idea how to get to Shock Trauma.  I hang the phone up and realize I’m on the bathroom rug, wet, hair dripping, no towel and I’m not fazed. I have to make a plan of action. I actually spoke out loud to myself: Okay, put a towel on your head. Get dressed. Get a piece of paper. Call your ex-husband because he can tell you how to get to the parking garage in downtown Baltimore. Don’t tell the boys yet.  Dry your hair. And make that dreaded call to your in laws.

My in laws weren’t home so I left this message:  I have to tell you-John has been in an accident. He IS FINE, really, I heard his voice. But he has to go to Shock Trauma. Again, he is talking, moving but they are taking him.  I am loading up now. I am sorry to leave this message but you have to know. I hang up and realize my words sound rushed and I’m out of breath.  I was lying to them. How did I know he was okay? But I couldn’t say or think anything other than he was fine. I feel like a jerk for leaving a message.

My mother in law calls me back. She is coming over. John’s aunt will pick up Savannah. They live 5 minutes from my house but it feels like an eternity before they show up.  Both Mother in law and Aunt get out of the car. Should Auntie take Savannah back to her house? Stay here? Did she eat?  I hand Auntie the keys telling her something along the lines of figure it out-I know my daughter is in good hands. I’m leaving I cannot wait anymore.  I couldn’t bring the words to my lips but I thought-He’s dying!  He’s dying! and I’m standing in my driveway. 

So we were off; my mother in law driving and me; the passenger with acid in her stomach, numb to it. Sitting, sitting , sitting, doing nothing, thinking, thinking, thinking. If he wasn’t badly injured, why Shock Trauma? Why the helicopter ride? God what could have happened?

We arrive at Shock Trauma.  I have to smile and ask questions, to figure this monstrosity of a building out. I can’t breakdown and after all, I know this is wrong. I’m here for the wrong person. I’m prepared to get pissed at these people.  They walk me and only me into the elevator.  I don’t know what floor we went to.  I don’t even remember what the person looked like that took me into the elevator.  We then exit and I immediately see the Shock Trauma floor and its’ patients; one man is totally nude, strapped to a gurney, wires and tubes attached and definitely unconscious. I’m mad for this person whose privacy has been taken away.  But I don’t have time to dwell on this.  I turn left. The lights are bright and in my face. As I walk down beside the hanging curtains, I hear my husband’s voice.  I know all my selfish thoughts and hopes of finding the wrong person, another John, someone else’s husband are gone. It’s really him. All his clothes have been cut off and just a sheet around his mid section. (He will later complain that it was an IBO World Championship shirt that he lost) Neck brace attached. A needle full of morphine sitting there. The yellow pasty color of pain on his face. Bruises are starting to bloom all over his chest.  God I’m going to break down but I can’t. The look in his eyes – the relief when he sees me. I touch his arm because that’s the only place I feel that I can safely touch.  I need to reassure myself that he is alive and warm to the touch.

John stays in that place for 4 more days. One cracked vertebrae and two compressed vertebrae requiring a total brace from neck to hip. The brace is on for three months.  It’s a miracle people say; no brain injury, he will walk, blah, blah. I can’t focus on that. I need to figure out how to get him into the house, where will he sleep, who will take care of him when I eventually go back to work. Does he still have a job?  I have nothing left for anyone or any sympathy. I’m on a mission to keep everything together. I don’t feel sad or lucky or grateful. I don’t feel.

The morning of the accident, he hunted all morning, got down and decided to move the stand. As he climbed up and onto the stand, the strap holding the stand broke, sending him down to the ground. He didn’t have a lifeline and hadn’t hooked up to the belt he had strapped to the tree.  He fell 20 feet.  When he tried to get up, he realized he was in serious trouble.  He put his hands on his knees and did a type of crab walk out of the woods to the nearest house only to discover no one was home.  Sitting on the front porch of that house, he thought he was going to die if he didn’t move.  His cell phone was busted. He then drove about 2 miles to the fire dept and waved the guys over to his truck as he could not get out.

Three months for him in a brace. He got lucky. Our family was lucky. He eventually made it back to work.  Yes he still has back pain but he’s alive.

So that’s my perspective.  I didn’t fall from the tree.  I wasn’t physically injured.  But I still have a story to tell.  When these accidents occur it isn’t just the hunter that’s affected.  This is my story of how NOT wearing a harness or using a lifeline affected all of us.  And I’m not even talking about financially.  Thank God that he survived and we were given the opportunity to learn from this. Neither of us hunt anywhere without telling someone else EXACTLY where we are.  The day of the accident no one, including myself knew where he was hunting. We use safety harnesses and lifelines. A foot doesn’t step off the ground without being hooked up.  Straps are constantly checked and no stand has just one strap.  We double up on everything.

So please, learn from us.  I know all of the “safety talk” can be overwhelming, irritating, a pain and sometimes a bit “preachy”.  Your loved ones don’t want that call. You don’t want to get that call.  No one wants to suck it up, shove the tears away and be the tough one who is numb when all it would have taken was a lifeline and a harness to avoid this!  You and your loved ones don’t want to walk down that hospital hallway.  Trust me.

Signs of EHD in Maryland

A few weeks ago, my husband and I began suspecting there were health issues affecting deer in an area we hunt.  All summer long we saw a healthy herd traveling throughout the area.  Bachelor groups of bucks, does and fawns were found posing for our cameras on a regular basis. Then, seemingly overnight, we experienced a severe drop off in the amount of pictures on our cameras.  Walking the area, we found one doe floating in a pond, another doe dead in the woods.  EHD or Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease was suspected.  Since then, three more dead deer consisting of a fawn, a 5 pointer and a 7 pointer have been found.  We’ve captured one deer on camera in a state of severe emaciation.  Severe emaciation may be observed in animals recovering and I am hoping this is the case.  Additional signs of EHD are lethargy and the deer often salivate excessively.  Hemorrhaging from the mouth and tongue is also a common symptom.

During this time, we contacted the DNR representative for the area. He confirmed reports of suspected EHD occuring not far from where we seeing the dead deer.

According to the Maryland DNR website, EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease) cases typically occur between mid-August and October and is caused by a virus that is transmitted through the bite of tiny flying midges. The onset of freezing weather typically brings an end to a given outbreak as it kills the midges.

It is my understanding that this virus does not transmit to humans but to be honest I would really hesitate to eat any meat from animals suspected or having or recovering from EHD.

Popular consensus is that EHD typically occurs during droughts. So why this year? There is no drought that I know of on the Eastern Shore of MD.  My thinking is that there was so much rain, puddles formed in the fields.  Those puddles then heated up making ideal breeding conditions for the midge flies. The deer, living in the corn and bean fields, discovered an easy water source in those puddles. When the deer went to drink, the midges bit and transmitted the virus.

Maryland DNR is asking people to report any sick or dead deer to the regional offices.  For your convenience, here is a link to Maryland Regional offices:  MD Regional offices

Link to the Maryland DNR news release regarding the tracking of recent deer deaths:


Possible EHD? Notice the back hooves. Could this be some type of injury or EHD affecting the hooves as it sometimes does? Photo credit JoAnn Herbert


Same deer exhibiting signs of lethargy. I can’t say I have ever seen a deer lay down in the middle of the day out in the open.  Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert

Hunting-it’s not just aim and shoot.

It’s ALOT of walking, setting up, and preparation. It’s alot of sweaty clothes and hot Saturdays dedicated to making the hunt go your way. It’s pruning trees, it’s getting poison ivy all over you, it’s dirty fingernails and muddy boots. For pete’s sake, why do it?  It’s also the quiet you can only find in the stand. It’s a bird landing on your backpack, it’s the outline of a spiderweb. It’s the bleat of a fawn, the grunt of a deer, the gobble of a turkey. It’s a Momma turkey with her 5 babies walking past you. Hunting-it’s the clean smell of the morning. It’s the world turning all around you and the creatures in it while none of them know you are there.


Marbled Orbweaver spider found on the Eastern shore of MD    Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert


Another pretty flower on the way to check cameras.  Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert



Pink flower

I have no idea what kind of flower or weed this is but had to stop and take a picture. It reminds me of the flower the elephant held in the movie, “Horton Hears a Who.” Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert


Maryland Natural Resources Career camp apps now available

Continuing a tradition of approximately 45 years, the Maryland DNR along with the MD Maryland’s Forest Conservancy District Board is once again offering a great opportunity  to get more young people involved in the outdoors while encouraging them to think about the future.  As a parent of a recently graduated high-schooler, I know first hand that teenagers can feel overwhelmed and not at all confident about where their life will lead after school.

If your teen has an interest in forestry, fisheries, wildlife or parks management, talk to them about attending a Natural Resources Careers Camp. The camp will run July 23 to 29 at Hickory Environmental Education Center in Garrett County, MD.

The camp will also features “College Night,” where representatives from West Virginia University, Virginia Tech, the University of Maryland (GO TERPS!), Frostburg University, Allegany College of Maryland and Garrett College speak to campers about their programs.

The weeklong camp is only available for students entering grades 9 through 12 next year. Applications are available through the Maryland Forest Conservancy District Boards.  The application process appears to be very similar to applying for scholarships or colleges so that in itself is a great learning experience.

Space is limited to 42 applicants so register soon!

Product Review-Pretty Hunter Round Rebel Necklace

Editor’s Note:  This article originally published February 28, 2017 on the Ladies In Camo website


While attending the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, I noticed the Pretty Hunter booth. When I say noticed, I just stopped walking because the necklaces and bracelets immediately caught my eye.  I don’t wear much jewelry but I was intrigued at what they had to offer.  Tricia at Pretty Hunter took the time to explain about all of their products.  She was knowledgeable, helpful and patient as I am sure she could tell I could not decide between the necklaces, bracelets or rings!  Finally, I decided on a Round Rebel necklace. Each necklace has a brass base that is coated and, more importantly, nickel free.  The crystals are genuine Swarovski Crystals with each piece of jewelry featuring genuine spent rounds.  Attention to detail shows as each piece that makes up the jewelry is hand set.

Gun Metal with Diamond Swarovski Crystals. Photo credit: Jo Ann Herbert

I have worn this necklace to several places and every time have received multiple compliments. The necklace is fashionable and contemporary.  I also found this necklace to be versatile as I’ve worn with both jeans and business attire.  There’s enough sparkle for a night out on the town as well. Each necklace feels smooth in my hand and on my neck because of the coating.

This particular necklace that I have, has a Gunmetal base with Black Diamond Swarovski Crystals and is approximately 18″.  However there are many longer necklaces as well as earrings that Pretty Hunter has to offer that pair up nicely.

The Round Rebel necklaces have an MSRP of $35. To purchase visit:

If you want to view all their various necklaces, belt buckles, rings, earrings, etc, go to to shop by category or by catalog.  Proudly MADE IN THE USA!

Be sure to find out about OPERATION BACK THE BLUE for the female police officer in your life!

Four options to choose from! Photo credit: Pretty Hunter


Endorsement disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, the products reviewed in these product reviews is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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Scentlok Enforcer-Personal Ozone Generator


Editors Note: This product review was originally posted on the Ladies In Camo website January 30, 2017

I wasn’t sure what to think when first looking at the Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator.  There have been various types of ozone generators showing up in the marketplace and I was wondering if this was a fad or not. After having used it and encountering for myself what this ozone generator can do, I think this is one product that will be making it’s mark on the hunting industry.   There have been alot of inventions that have changed they way I hunt; from trail timers turned into trail cameras, scent free clothing, etc. Now with the advent of ScentLok’s Enforcer we are looking at a product that can remove odors and bacteria as well as re-activating the carbon in your hunting clothes.

The fan is really quiet. And the entire device is small enough to fit in a duffle or tote bag but strong enough to work in your closet.  Driving to your hunting set up and decide to eat breakfast on the way? Don’t worry about smelling like hash browns, just start the generator up inside the cab of your car or truck while driving to the field.  Have a kid in college?  This is perfect for use in those smelly dorm rooms. And yes-no matter how clean your kids is, those dorms have their own kind of smell.

Scentlok Personal Ozone Generator being charged. Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert

The Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator is rechargeable providing either a 1 or 3 hour charge depending upon exactly how smelly of a situation you are dealing with.  Going on a hunting trip and not able to wash any of your clothes at the lodge?  This is a great, unobtrusive, portable item to pack to take that worry out of the equation.

As a added bonus, it can also be used as a power bank to charge smart phones or tablets.

Every time I have used Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator it has removed a significant amount of odor.  In the early season I typically wash my clothes after every use.  It’s Maryland so the calendar might read September, but the humidity is through the roof at times.  This year I was able to use my early season clothes several times before washing.  And really, I still could not pick up any bad odors despite the fact that I was hunting in some really high temperatures.  Just getting to the stand and I’m sweating.  The Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator saved me time in the laundry room this year.

I  keep my hunting clothes together in one closet. Gloves, hats, etc are usually kept in a bin. When the season first starts, everything is clean and packed up. But as the season progresses, the lighter clothes are put away, the heavies are bought out.  All the while the clothes have been in the field, in the back of the truck, in my car picking up odors. I usually wind up rewashing everything which requires more time, energy and wear and tear on clothes.  This year, I hung my clothes up in the closet, turned the generator on and shut the doors. The next day I just went back in and repacked everything into my duffle bag.  Then I recharged the generator. If I’m hunting after work, I turn on the generator in the trunk of my car.  It’s very easy.


Scentlok Personal Ozone Generator being charged. Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert

The great thing about this product is that it has other uses besides hunting. My kid’s duffle bags that were used  for baseball, wresting and soccer equipment turned into a environment of foul smelling odors. I only wish I had the Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator when they were younger.

The Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator has an MSRP of $129.99 and can be purchased at:





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Some practical advice for the men who wished their wives hunt….

For many years I didn’t hunt. Between kids, work, and my family needing to eat and have clean clothes, there just wasn’t time to hunt.  And at the end of the day, I was tired!  It didn’t help my disposition when I would hear things like the woods are so relaxing, etc. Yeah, buddy I’m sure the woods are relaxing – I wouldn’t know!

So now that I am fully ensconced in the hunting world and will NOT ever stop, I have the advantage of some hind sight. You know that whole-if I only knew THEN what I know NOW.  Hopefully, this can help some of my brothers in the hunting world who would like to have a hunting partner in their wife/significant other.  Some of these suggestions may seem obvious and might appear that I am suggesting you “baby” your baby.  Well guess what?  Every once in a while, we woman do liked to be pampered.  So here goes:

1 – Start in warmer weather. Spring turkey hunting is a great time of year.  Or shed hunting in March. Don’t expect your wife/girlfriend to get excited about hunting in the dead of winter.

2 – Take it slow.  Make arrangements for the kids to get picked up from school.  Both of you can take off work early, get some lunch, go sit in the woods.  No rush.  Just sit and watch. And let’s face it; that is really what most hunting consists of, a lot of sitting and waiting. If you can arrange a quiet afternoon it will earn you some brownie points.

3 – Don’t expect to be sitting 20 feet up in a stand.  I was deathly afraid of sitting in a stand for many years. And quite frankly it wasn’t worth my time to worry about getting over that fear.  But when hunting really took off for me I knew I had to.  But I first started sitting in a blind – in a chair – with a cushion.

4 – Make sure everyone is comfortable.  Make sure your wife/girlfriend is warm enough. Remember sitting in a blind or stand for multiple hours outside is not like taking a walk through the woods on a nice day.  And most people who aren’t used to hunting just don’t realize how cold you can get while sitting.  So even if it seems like overkill, make sure she has extra layers and gloves.  A seat cushion is much appreciated as well!

5 – Take snacks and a drink. Make a picnic out of it.  Seriously a little romance in a blind goes a long way, men.

Of course, hunting is not all about cushions, staying warm and enjoying the day. Some hunts are tough – they need to be tough to get at the big game.  Some hunts demand a lot of walking and sweating despite the fact that it’s 32 degrees and the sleet is hitting you in the face. But you had to go out OF COURSE because the wind was right. I get it-I’ve been there. It took me a while and now I fight with my husband over stands.  But she just isn’t there yet and that’s a good thing-there’s time to work on that.  I think that with time you’ll discover different views and approaches to your hunting just by including your partner.

CarboMask-Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo

CarboMask header

Scent control, or lack of, can be a main concern for many hunters & huntresses. Months of preparation involving hanging stands, clearing shooting lanes or just raking a path to your stand can all be for nothing if the deer pick up on a smell that is not normally found in their woods and your busted sitting in the stand. So with that in mind, I am always on the lookout for products that will give me an edge in the scent control department.

CarboMask graciously sent me a bottle of their Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo; a scent free, odor absorbing product. I have been impressed by their face paint and was looking forward to trying out the shampoo. Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo contains activated charcoal, an item widely used in household products designed to eliminate odors. The first time I used the Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo was after a full day at the office. Earlier that morning, I shampooed using my regular scented shampoo followed by scented conditioner. After drying my hair, I then used a scented hairspray. Sometimes it takes a bit more shampoo to work those products out of my hair. However, the Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo lathered quickly and only a small amount was needed for my head of shoulder length hair. Some scent free shampoos have tangled my hair and left the strands feeling hard or damaged. I was pleasantly surprised after shampooing with the Ultimate Hunter’s shampoo to be able to quickly run a brush through my hair without producing tangles or knots. My hair dried well and felt smooth. And most importantly-no smell! The hairspray and scents from my other shampoo were totally gone, wiped out by the activated charcoal.

Carbomask shampoo

CarboSoap-Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo  Photo Credit: Carbomask

MRSP for the Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo is $7.75 for an 8 oz. bottle. This product as well as CarboMask’s many other scent control products can be purchased at

Proudly made in the USA! CarboMask also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.




Endorsement disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, the products reviewed in these product reviews is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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