MD House Bill 1000-hearing date changed

The “Terrorist Watchlist” bill sounds good at first glance.  I know of no single person that wants a possible terrorist to have a gun.  The bill will remove the right to due process of those on the “terror watchlist.”  What’s the problem? The problem is that the watchlist is a secretive list.  As I write this I cannot believe a secretive government list exists!  If this is true, who knows how those names wound up on the list.  These people may or may not have been found guilty of a crime.  Or they might have just ticked off a neighbor who happens to work for the government and can conveniently place a name on the list.  Or a name could wind up on the list by clerical error.  Apparently there is no way to confirm the names as this is a secret list. If I’m wrong about this list, please, someone enlighten me.  When an American citizen is denied their right to a firearm, a judicial proceeding should have occurred.  MD House Bill 1000 seeks to just basically skip over that-just trust us-and by the way hand over your guns because we say your name is on a list. Oh and no-you can’t see the list-again trust us. What?!

Please read the article, become informed and contact your delegate.

Read the article here: NRA-notice of MD hearing date change

I am headed to the Great American Outdoor Show!

I can’t think of a better way to start my week then to ditch the office, get in the truck and head off to talk hunting, guns and archery.  Hopefully by the end of the day I will have lots to report back on along with a sore back and an aching feet.  On the other hand, every time I’ve went to this show I have met some really nice people.  If you are there, look me up- stop and say hi!  I’ll be the one in the black Ladies In Camo shirt pulling a cColor-JoAnn-w-2015 deeramo wheeled backpack with one squeaky wheel!

My two cents on Sunday hunting

Most states do allow hunting on Sundays.  I happen to live in Maryland-one of those few states (11? states)  that did not allow Sunday hunting until recently.  And even now, MD only grants permission to Sunday hunt on a limited number of days.  So what’s my take?  Well, most people are going to say my opinion would be obvious-I hunt therefore I would support Sunday hunting.  And you would not be wrong in stating that.  However I am certainly not adverse to being reasonable and looking at the reasons why Sunday hunting would not be allowed.

Faith based concerns: Think blue-laws: For alot of people, Sunday is a day of reflection, a day of rest, fellowship, worship, etc. I get it-I respect that.  But why should that influence state law?  If I decide to head to the woods and not to my church, shouldn’t that be a decision between me and my maker? Why is this decided by the stuffed shirts in Annapolis-the capitol of the state I live in?  And why can’t I hunt after worship? Or why can’t I at least hunt on my own land?  And why are hunting activities addressed and not sporting activities-like the NFL?  It’s okay to tailgate, drink and watch a football game on a Sunday but I can’t go into the woods and hunt?  Some hunters would agree that nothing makes you feel closer to God than a quiet day in the woods.

Non-hunter concerns: Okay we could spend ALOT of time on this one but I am going to keep it simple.  In my research I have read that people are concerned about bullets whizzing past their heads or sighting deer carcasses as they go out to enjoy a bike or horse ride through their park on a Sunday afternoon.  And I have read about people who do not feel comfortable walking on a trail through a park only to hear a gun shot. Hey-I don’t think I would feel comfortable about that either and I hunt!  That being said, I have been in the woods quite a bit and have yet to see deer carcasses strewn about.  And I have enjoyed our state parks for kayaking/hiking and haven’t seen deer carcasses.  I have also walked through these parks and have yet to hear guns going off around me. Maybe in my back field over here on the shore of MD, yeah.  But let’s take a minute to address the bullets and noise issue.  My take-if this is a state park or publicly owned land all people should be able to enjoy the area, for hunting and non-hunting activity in relative peace and quiet.  So I have no problem stating that hunting is restricted to a certain number of days and/or a certain animal during the week.  But again-this type of restriction should only be limited to public areas for all to enjoy.  Not for privately owned land. If someone decides to take a stroll on a day that hunters are allowed to be on public land and they hear a gun shot, that’s their problem.  Come back on a day designated for non-hunting activities.

Farmer’s Concerns:  This was a shocker to me.  I really thought farmers would support hunting 7 days a week and maybe most do.  Apparently, again from what I have read, a majority of farmers do not want hunters on their land on Sundays and would prefer that to be a day of peace and quiet.  Well-okay.  I can see that.  But here is what puzzles me.  Everywhere my husband and I hunt we have to get written permission.  Wouldn’t the farmer know who has permission to be on their land?  If someone is on their land hunting and does not have permission that’s poaching-no matter what day it is.  So how is restricting, by law,days on which hunting is allowed going to address a poaching issue? When granting written permission to the hunter, couldn’t the farmer just make it known that hunting would only be allowed on certain days?  After all-it’s the farmers land.  He doesn’t have to give permission.  Why do we need the state of MD to get involved.

Monetary issues: Much to the chagrin of non-hunters, alot of money is generated by the hunting community.  I am sure there are a ton of outfitters in the state of MD that would love to get their customers in the woods for the whole weekend.  And ask hunters coming into MD from surrounding states about a whole weekend of sika hunting.  Someone who is coming from VA or DE and want to drive a couple of hours to do some sika hunting would jump at the opportunity to hunt the whole weekend and then drive back home.

So please – if you should live in one of the states that ban or restrict Sunday hunting – make sure your representatives know where you stand on the issue.  You can be sure that those who wish to limit hunting activities will be doing their best to curtail any expansion of our hunting rights.  That’s my take.

Wishing everyone a great season!  Jo Ann

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Status of MD concealed carry law-stuck in appeal again

As many Maryland residents know, when attempting to file for a concealed, carry permit, currently you must prove a good and substantial reason to receive the permit thus allowing you to legally carry.  Yeah,  I’m not so sure how to go about proving that as the potential rapist or thief probably won’t broadcast the fact that you might need a weapon to protect yourself but I’m getting carried away.

In July of this year there was hope for all MD citizens that they were finally going to exercise their 2nd amendment rights given to them by the Constitution and squashed by the MD state government-maybe some theatrical wording right there but that’s how I feel.  A federal judge ordered that the state of MD must stop enforcing the “good and substantial reason” thereby allowing citizens who were legally allowed to obtain guns to now be able to apply and hopefully receive their concealed carry permit.

Unfortunately, MD attorney Douglas F. Ganser appealed this ruling and the judge lifted the stay on August 7th.  I am not clear as to how Mr. Ganser believes he is fully serving the law abiding citizens of this state.  Now that am unable to fully protect myself against the MULTITUDE of criminals carrying around illegal guns in this state perhaps Mr. Ganser will be out there patrolling the neighborhoods.

Now please note, I think it is extremely important that if people are allowed a concealed carry permit they must first demonstrate some ability in handling their weapon.  After all, when you hunt in this state you must first successfully pass a Safety class.  In order to legally drive you must pass a test.  I personally have no problem with requiring people to pass a class.  And I know there are those 1 days classes out there, but whats the point of going if MD takes your money, pats you on the back and says thanks but no go.

On October 23, 2012, the US 4th circuit will hear the appeal of this case.  Let’s hope someone on the US 4th Circuit will practice common sense on behalf of the citizens of the Old Line State.  In the meantime, stay safe.