My hunting journey…….

Hi! I’m Jo Ann. Or Jo if you prefer. I’ve been told that by the time I was born there were so many Joes in the family I got the Ann added.

Growing up I was never exposed to hunting. Sure there might have been an uncle or two that went hunting but women? No women just didn’t hunt.  While I was dating my husband, he would take me to scout out new properties. My first sunrise watching deer emerge from the fog must have been over 20 years ago and I still remember that.  After we married, my husband hunted and whenever possible I tagged along.  After a few years of that, I realized this was something I could do! Although I felt a bit odd and a little lonely. At the time I didn’t know of any other woman that hunted. But I found it peaceful, challenging and satisfying. Other women I knew just didn’t understand that and I find hunting isn’t something that is easily put into words.  It just is.  Hunting made me learn things; about myself, about my equipment and about the outdoors.

Then, I found Ladies In Camo. I realized I wasn’t the oddball! Other women, just like me, that work a 9-5 job also hunt.

Which brings us to the here and now. I am proud to say I am a Staff Writer for Ladies In Camo, providing reviews on products made for the outdoors. These are products that I use and thoroughly test. I have met some amazing people all in the outdoor industry.  I hope I can encourage other women to realize their potential.

You can hunt. Hunting is all about living. So get up and join me in adventure.


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