Update to the MD DNR Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop schedule

Beyond BOW Deer Clinic & Hunt at Blossom Point Military Base, 11/3/2017 – 11/4/2017

This particular workshop is for new/beginner hunters.  What a great way to get started!  Friday, 11/3/2017 will be spent going over deer hunting, safety hunting skills, and time at the range.  Saturday, 11/4/2017  you will be in a tree stand.  Apparently staff will be on hand to assist throughout the day!

Please note that the workshop is for doe only.  Cost is $60. Full details on what is included with the fees is listed on the application.

Valid MD hunting License required.  Lastly, all participants must pass shooter qualification on the range, Friday 11/3/2017.  Don’t let that stop you ladies!  You got this!

For more information call 301-791-4736, ext 103 OR email letha.grimes@maryland.gov.

Link to the registration page


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