Does a person have to be a jerk to be competitive?

Or is that person just a jerk?  A couple of weeks ago, I was in a ground blind in an area that my husband and I have hunted for 10 years.   After this amount of time, we are very familiar with the area and the areas that the deer usually travel.  Lately, the does have been unusually spooked.  My husband actually asked me a question that I suggest the men out there NOT ask the ladies who hunt.  Here is what he asked-Do you have hair spray on?  Really?  After I glared at him and said Duh No.  Hmm-he says well we sprayed scent away-I just don’t get why they are so spooked.

Keep in mind-this is about 4 pm – and the rut is almost upon us.  So I suggested that maybe a buck was just starting to run the does.  Little did we know, there was a guy walking the property line.  The owner of a vacant house gave permission to a guy to hunt the property.  And this guy decides to start climbing a tree at 4:30 but then decides to get down about an hour later.  And that’s when he shot.

We heard something but couldn’t figure out what it was.  But then we heard a crossbow go off and the doe I had watched walk off came running back up the hill and fall over 20 yards from my blind.  At that point, it was obvious what had happened. We started packing up and wanted to make sure this person had permission to hunt in there.  We walked to the property line and called out-Hey, shes up here-she’s down.  A guy came walking towards us and said oh hey-I think I missed her-I cant find any blood.  What?  No-she’s over here.  She died 20 yards from our blind.  After that, we walked him over and shook hands.  We then discussed PROPERTY LINES and who had permission to hunt where.

Look-at the time, this guy had no idea we were in there.  He spooked the deer but oh well, in a state like MD that happens sometimes.  And while I can’t prove that he shot the deer on property he did not have permission to hunt on, he did suggest he shot over the fence and while the doe was on our property.  So perhaps I was stupidly hoping that after realizing other people were there and exactly where the property lines were he would not hunt from that area.

I was wrong.  Last Friday, at 4:00 pm, six does stand in front of me.  And the largest doe stomps her front leg and stares – where?  In the same direction that guy came from previously.  Scrap-clink-scrap-clink.  For 15 minutes this guy climbs a tree-I can see him from about 150 yards away.  Yes, he is on the property he is allowed to hunt.  Technically.  But the tree he has just climbed up in is on the property line.  And it’s facing the property I am allowed to hunt.  And the wind is blowing in my face. So he is stinking up the area from his stand to my blind.  And his only shot?  Is to my property.  I was seeing red.  I respect hunting and other hunters. I respect competitiveness.  There is just too many outside forces that really want to undermine hunting.  And me going down there screaming like a banshee would not have helped. Or would it?  I am stumped.  I just don’t know what to do.    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated-including a prayer that I don’t see see this guy again.  And my blood pressure would probably benefit from helpful hints as well.

Is this guy just being a good competitive hunter? Or is he just a jerk?



3 responses to “Does a person have to be a jerk to be competitive?

  1. He’s a jerk – toss a handful of mothballs around in front of his stand, but on YOUR property, from what I understand, the deer will avoid that spot for a while, and if it’s 150 (or in this case, 130ish) yards away, shouldn’t really affect your blind. I would check around with a few other ‘old timers’ before doing that, however – just to make sure the wind direction wouldn’t make the mothballs screw your shot up too.

    I would also put ‘no trespassing’ signs up on the trees facing him .

  2. I can understand your frustration. Maybe you could talk to the person who owns the vacant house and ask them if they have permission to give out hunting rights to other people’s land, or you could talk to the hunter. Not saying this to be a person of authority but hunters should have respect for one another and this is where I believe the other hunter has shown his ignorance. When he asked for permission to hunt the property I believe that he should have asked if there were any other hunters in the area and therefore should have contacted you, your husband and anyone else who has permission to hunt the property. You say that you have been hunting this land for 10 years, I would say that you have the full right to be upset and ask this “new” hunter the simple question “who granted you permission to hunt this property?” because you do have a right to know, especially if his only shooting opportunity is over a fence on “your” property. I can understand that everyone wants to fill their freezer but common sense I believe should dictate something called “hunter’s code”. Referencing an earlier statement, he should have asked if there were any other hunters on the property and if so he should have also asked for contact information, that way everyone can have a clean, uninterrupted hunt. Even if he doesn’t call you or your husband I think he should still call the landowner and tell them he will be there. Even though that may sound elementary I believe that it is a great way to commumicate with the landowner and other hunters and it also goes back to the whole issue of safety. For all you know, he could have been trespassing/poaching when you first saw him which would cause anyone to be nervous especially with the amount hunters who arm themselves like they’re going to the backwoods of Alaska. Now as for the treestand facing your property, I believe that this once again shows his ignorance. He could have picked any tree to hunt in and he chose one that directly affects your deer hunting (did he or did he not see your ground blind which would indicate other hunters in the area?). This will more than likely be a touchy situation since he will say he is within his rights because it is on the property line (does he have written permission to be there?) and you will say that you were there first. Now this go can one of two ways; the hunters (you, your husband, and this new hunter) can find a solution that will benefit everyone with no bad blood left spilled and everyone is a happy camper. Or the other way is each of you try to throw your weight around at each other and battle back and forth, constantly pissing each other off and therefore turning your once successful deer hunting into a train wreck of arguments, flare-ups, and potential run-ins with the law. It’s safe to say that niether of you want option two so let’s go with the more civil approach as stated earlier. I know that this isn’t a perfect world but as hunters we need to work together with the landowners and other hunters as well to avoid confrontation and to endure a long and successful hunting season.

  3. do like i do when i find some 1 hunting on my property i will put a tree stand in a tree a few yards away from him and sit in it till he says something to me usually they pack up and leave without a word but i have had a few problems in the past with idiots that dont care and shoot any and everything that moves

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