Let’s talk about Crossbows

Over the years, I have heard many arguments about the use of crossbows.  But if you talk to any archery store owner, they will tell you that they can’t keep crossbows on the shelves.  So clearly someone out there likes crossbows!

I live in the state of Maryland, where for many years crossbow use was limited to hunters who demonstrated some type of disability and could not pull back a vertical bow.  Now the restrictions have been lifted and sales are soaring.  I love our crossbow.  And I say OUR crossbow because everyone in the family can use it.  My husband and I both shoot compound bows as well as the crossbow. We all have practiced shooting and we have all shot deer with the crossbow.  It didn’t involve separate bows for each family member.  So a real cost saver there.  My daughter does not (yet) shoot a compound bow.  So until she feels more confident and comfortable using a compound bow-a crossbow it is.

But here is where I think the hunting community should be embracing crossbow use.   A hunter can take a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker and with some supervision and guidance have them in the woods hunting with a crossbow in no time.  The opportunities to bring more people into the sport is limitless with a crossbow.  Some people are not comfortable shooting a gun.  Alot of women I know look at my Bowtech Assassin and state-I can’t shoot that! Or how do you pull that back?  From all of us that shoot bows we know it takes practice, practice, practice.  And I myself had fears for many years about shooting a bow.  Yes-years-and I’m married to a bow hunter!  A crossbow can bridge that gap between not hunting at all and becoming a hunter.

A crossbow doesn’t eliminate the need to know proper shot placement, which animal should be shot, which animal you might want to leave for next year, and of course safety concerns.  But it does open the door-it’s an icebreaker to a person who might be intimidated by hunting.  And the more people that we get to walk through that door-the more understanding about what good the hunting industry does for nature and the economy.

Thanks for your time – and have a great season!


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