Status of MD concealed carry law-stuck in appeal again

As many Maryland residents know, when attempting to file for a concealed, carry permit, currently you must prove a good and substantial reason to receive the permit thus allowing you to legally carry.  Yeah,  I’m not so sure how to go about proving that as the potential rapist or thief probably won’t broadcast the fact that you might need a weapon to protect yourself but I’m getting carried away.

In July of this year there was hope for all MD citizens that they were finally going to exercise their 2nd amendment rights given to them by the Constitution and squashed by the MD state government-maybe some theatrical wording right there but that’s how I feel.  A federal judge ordered that the state of MD must stop enforcing the “good and substantial reason” thereby allowing citizens who were legally allowed to obtain guns to now be able to apply and hopefully receive their concealed carry permit.

Unfortunately, MD attorney Douglas F. Ganser appealed this ruling and the judge lifted the stay on August 7th.  I am not clear as to how Mr. Ganser believes he is fully serving the law abiding citizens of this state.  Now that am unable to fully protect myself against the MULTITUDE of criminals carrying around illegal guns in this state perhaps Mr. Ganser will be out there patrolling the neighborhoods.

Now please note, I think it is extremely important that if people are allowed a concealed carry permit they must first demonstrate some ability in handling their weapon.  After all, when you hunt in this state you must first successfully pass a Safety class.  In order to legally drive you must pass a test.  I personally have no problem with requiring people to pass a class.  And I know there are those 1 days classes out there, but whats the point of going if MD takes your money, pats you on the back and says thanks but no go.

On October 23, 2012, the US 4th circuit will hear the appeal of this case.  Let’s hope someone on the US 4th Circuit will practice common sense on behalf of the citizens of the Old Line State.  In the meantime, stay safe.





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