Hunting shows-the good, the bad, and the what the ?

Lately, I have been digging through our pile of hunting dvds and watching them as I work out on the elliptical.  It’s amazing how much longer you can stay on that stupid thing when you’re waiting for the hunt to go down.  My husband, John and I started to wonder-what would people prefer to see?  The guided hunt-see em on that ridge-shoot!  Or some guy/gal doing the 9-5 and then getting out there hunting?

Since I’m that 9 to 5er (or more like 830-5) I’m kind of leaning to that side.  Don’t get me wrong or don’t say uh-huh Jo Ann-sour grapes, sour grapes!   I’m never going to be able to afford to go to New Zealand or Africa no matter how much time I put in at the office.  But I don’t mind seeing New Zealand on my screen.

Okay so enough chit chat. Here’s what I have a problem with:  A certain hunting couple that can’t hunt with anyone else as their hunting is booked seasons in advance.  Seasons?  Really?  We’re lucky if we can pattern deer for one season!  And after you get them patterned, whoops there’s the rut and it goes to Hell in a hand basket.  So no –  “booking” a hunt seasons in advance – well to me isn’t the kind of hunting I want to see while I am on that elliptical – blasted thing!  I really don’t expect to gain any helpful hints to help me.  That does NOT mean a guided hunt is any less exciting or hard.  Or that there isn’t a group of people that only want to see that.  It’s just that, when I think of all the time hanging treestands, planting food plots, checking cameras, etc (rinse, repeat, LOL). It just isn’t the same.

How about a bad hit on a deer and no one talks about it?  There are some people out there that might like to learn how to hunt and the only way they think they can learn is by watching shows.  Please if you make a bad shot and yet the deer still goes down, point it out-I rushed the shot, I panicked, I don’t know what happened.  Don’t celebrate it without not pointing out to everyone what really happened. How about,”Thank goodness I found this deer-I got lucky.”  And then celebrate/  Cause I’m pretty sure everyone’s thinking it anyway.

So be honest-if YOU were planning a hunt to be filmed-what would you want to see?  More technical tips on products? How about talking about about how to use the wind to your advantage?  Shot placement? How about the old stand by to almost every argument out there-if that deer walked by you would you shoot or let it go another year?  Come on – we’re hunters.  I know we can think something up!

One response to “Hunting shows-the good, the bad, and the what the ?

  1. Very interesting. It caught my attention. I have not read this much since 2 weeks before school let out., and I read every bit. It is very VERY interesting and you kept me hooked throughout the story.

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