I’m a female-do I really need pink to tell me that?

Okay-I understand there are some really great organizations that use the color pink to promote their causes.  I have no problem with that.  I actually like pink.   But when my daughter asks me (sarcastically), why is pink stuck on almost all of the women’s camo?  Why isn’t blue stuck on the men’s camo?

Wow-great question from the next generation.  Why are women’s products marketed with pink; pink camo, pink bows (which I really do like!), pink rifles, pink, pink, pink.   Are marketing executives really sitting in their board rooms thinking oh wow-more women are hunting-lets slap some pink on it and they’ll REALLY want our products.  Maybe we are purchasing more hunting products because Hey, we’ve come along way baby.

My daughter absolutely refuses to purchase anything with a scrap of pink on it.  It’s not that she doesn’t like pink.  We both like pink.  And having a pair of camo pants that actually fit me feels a whole lot better than wearing my husband’s baggy overalls.  That being said, to me, the “pink” feels like a type of separation from the men.  Maybe that’s good at certain times.  When I want to get dressed up and taken to a nice restaurant, when I really want my husband to kill the bee that stung me the other night-yes it’s great to break down, have a little cry and get a little hormonal.  But the pink on the women’s products almost feels like hey-wow-you’re a girl.  Don’t worry if you don’t shoot that buck of a lifetime, it’s okay-we really didn’t expect you to anyway. You’re a girl-hey girly-are you sure you want to buy that hunting license? – well look at you.  Yes sir-I’ve got my pink on.  Sigh…..

When I enter the woods, there should be no difference between myself and a male hunter.  If I can shoot my bow or gun, if I comprehend how important shot placement is, if I study the surrounding terrain, if I make a legal, ethical harvest, why should it matter that I’m a woman? The playing field is level at that point.  Maybe I can’t pull back a bow that my husband can but so what? If my bow has enough a$$ behind it, and I know how to shoot it why should I be treated differently?

So to all those marketing executives that think you are trying to get my business, keep putting out products with pink.  I know a lot of woman like them, are comfortable with their choices and I won’t begrudge them one bit.  Maybe a little color, a little style is just what the hunting industry needs.  But please-offer camo with no special coloring. Just the camo. A bow designed for woman-try just the camo choices.  Try it. Your focus groups or phone surveys might tell you one thing but I can guarantee this – alot of women, myself included will sit up and take notice.  Finally the hunting world has recognized women are here-wives, mothers, sisters, daughters.  Real women who really hunt.  Pink or no pink.

Lastly-please believe I mean no disrespect for my sisters out there that love the pink options.  This is just my humble opinion for what its worth.

If anyone has any other suggestions about women’s products, please feel free to chime in!

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