Spotlight on: Youngs Wildlife

I won’t lie.  Sometimes when I look in the game room at my house I can’t help but think – Huh Look at that-there’s my trip to Aruba.  Okay, I know, that sounds totally snobby-but I can’t help it!  So when we do spend good money on something other than the electric bill (yuck!) John and I want to make sure that we are purchasing a quality product.  And that brought us to Young’s Wildlife in Frederick, MD.

My husband John was fortunate enough to go on a successful hunting trip in Canada for a black bear.  We started searching for a taxidermist to handle this project and ran across the Young’s Wildlife website.  That was about 10 years and we haven’t gone anywhere else since then.  Those mounts from 10 years ago still look like we brought them home yesterday.  Tim really takes pride in bringing out details that you just might take for granted.  The blood in the cut on a buck’s nose-looks like it just happened.  The fence a deer is jumping with a fox under it’s feet is a scene from any patch of woods in MD.  Tim brought it home to our living room.

I urge you to check out Young’s Wildlife.  If you have a taxidermist you work with now and are happy don’t change.   So if you are fortunate to down that big buck this year or that Tom with the long beard and spurs and just do not know where to go, please, pick up the phone and call Tim.  If you are going on that once in a lifetime hunt to Africa, call Tim beforehand.  He will work with you to help make the process in transporting international game seamless.

Sometimes you only hear bad reviews so when I know of a good business putting out a good product I like to let people know.  I am sure once you met Tim and see his work you won’t regret it.

Visit the website at:

Tim and his wife Jennifer will be at the following upcoming shows:

SCI-Chesapeake Charter-Chartwell Golf & Country Club, Sat, 4/02/2012

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