Attn: MD Hunters-proposed regulation changes & fee increases

Link to DNR website

Well apparently the State of MD isn’t happy enough raising the tolls on its citizens. And lest we forget, the proposed addition of 6% sales tax on each gallon of gas we purchase. They are now looking at the hunters of this state for another way of funding their coffers.  The MD DNR will be holding two public meetings regarding new hunting and trapping regulations as well as increasing the cost of licenses. Attached to this blog you will find a link to the MD DNR website where you can view the proposed regulations as well as comment.  Also the dates and times of the two public meetings are also listed.

I’m curious to hear what kind of spin will be used to ask (demand) for more money from the citizens of the Old Line State.  Looks like they are suggesting a limit to 3 bucks-one per season. Was there a biological study performed on the deer in Maryland that precipitated changing the number of bucks taken?  Could it be that the MD government is concerned about deer management and producing big bucks?  I doubt it but I certainly would like to review the evidence and see what prompted this shift.

And why the increase for hunter’s licenses? It has been thrown out there that the State of MD has not increased the license fee in many years.  And while technically that might be true there was a time when a MD resident could get a consolidated license for all seasons. Now you need your regular license, a muzzle-loader stamp and a bow stamp if you wish to hunt in all the seasons.  And let’s not forget the waterfowl stamp.

Whether or not these changes take place remain to be seen.  I wish you well in the field.

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