Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to travel down to RackNine Outdoors in Clio, Alabama. Nancy Jo Adams, founder of Ladies in Camo (LIC) worked diligently in setting up this hog hunting adventure and didn’t disappoint. 

Word of warning: A road trip from Maryland to Alabama is not good for your back.  I was so glad to get out of that truck and jump for joy – if I could have.

From the minute we walked in the door, Terry and Doug made us feel right at home.   The lodge was spacious, comfortable, clean and relaxing.  My husband, John discussed tree stands, areas and what sign they had been seeing.  Honestly I sat around on the couch because again – I was glad to be out of the truck.   Doug even went out at that point and hung a 2nd stand at a spot just so John could film me.

After a while, the rest of the couples arrived.  It’s great to actually talk face to face with someone as opposed to looking at a Facebook pic.

The next morning, Terry and Doug were there as promised at 5 am, to get us all going.  I was really impressed with Terry’s organization.  Safety was definitely evident in his mind when he discussed the stands, spacing of hunters and where everyone was going to be.  They really knew the layout of the area, what activity was happening, the weather conditions, etc.  And while I was walking into the woods with 12 basic strangers holding rifles, I felt completely safe.

Unfortunately no one got a hog that first day.  John and I were fairly certain we heard the buggers but were never able to get on them and get a shot off.  But if you would have heard the group that first night, not sure it made a difference!  And while I thought I was going to knock off a few lbs, the food was so great I wound up gaining 2 lbs.  Now I’m fairly certain you won’t hear men at a hog hunt exclaiming that but I’m sure the women can sympathize. 

Unfortunately the next day, John and I didn’t get a hog.  And trust me it was NOT because they weren’t there.  Fresh sign was evident throughout the property.  My husband John says-That’s why they call it hunting and not shooting.  Am I disappointed that I didn’t get a hog? Sure-if your truthful with yourself you’d admit that most people would be.  Do I want to go back to Racknine Outdoors?  Absolutely.  Terry and Doug have the knowledge and the property to make it happen.  It just so happens it didn’t work out for me that time. Do I want to go on another hunt with Nancy Jo and the Ladies in Camo?  Again-absolutely. 

 Also a big Salute! goes out to Faith Sammons Turner (who did get a hog) and happened to mention “One Time at Hog camp”. It stuck in my head.  A true Southern lady that I can’t help but like despite the irritating fact that she looks good in every photo I’ve seen.  Really Faith-stop being so darned cute in those pics.  She made me laugh and I had to start this blog with her remark.

Lastly-thank you to Nancy Jo. You are just one of the nicest down to earth people I’ve met.  Stay that way lady in camo.

Racknine Outdoors website:  

Visit Nancy Jo at her Ladies in Camo website:

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